Jesus found a young donkey and rode on it…..

                                                         John 12:14 Living Bible


I love Easter. It’s filled with bright colors, spring sunshine and candy! It gives me a great sense of hope especially as I think about all the wonderful things Jesus has done for us.


What stands out to me this season is how approachable Jesus is. Think about it. Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem that week riding on a donkey. It wasn’t a white warrior horse that a conquering king might ride. I believe He chose a common donkey because he wanted to be approachable.  He didn’t want people to be fearful of Him. He wanted them to come freely, just as they were. And not in some cleaned up way either. But just the way they were. What a change from the way I used to view this story.


I was raised being very fearful of God. The people around us at our little church meant well, but I picked up a scary feeling about God from them. I remember being ten years old and sitting in a mission’s presentation. The speaker showed so many fun pictures of the mission trip. It was very enticing. The work these missionaries did was amazing. In the middle of the presentation, the speaker told us that the lead missionary died during the trip. It was sad because he was well loved. But the speakers’ statement that followed is what really messed me up. He said the missionary did allot of great things for the Lord and that he hoped he made to heaven. He said it so mysteriously. I can still feel the chill I had that night. I remember leaving, feeling like I'm in big trouble. If they were uncertain about this missionary making it to heaven, then my little mischievous self didn’t stand a chance!


I was filled with dread every time went to church. I didn’t understand how Jesus, who sat children in his lap and held “little lammies” under His arms, could be so mean.  Maybe that's the perception you might have of God. Let me assure you this is not who Jesus is. Jesus came to seek and save us, not beat us up with criticisms.  Jesus came to give common people like you and me hope, that His plan for our lives is better than anything we can imagine. Jesus didn't come so we would spend the rest of our life in fear of a Him.


Jesus came in human form to be as relatable as he could be. He dressed himself with common clothes. He ate common food. He chose common men to be his disciples. And yes, He chose a common donkey that day so people could touch him and shake his hand. They could look on his smiling face saying, come to me just the way you are.  Jesus said in Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest”. He didn’t say He would give us a laundry list of things that were wrong with us. He said he would give us rest, meaning, approval and acceptance.  



My perception has changed. I am no longer fearful of my Jesus. This Easter, don’t waist the time trying to clean up your act before going to church. Jesus is approachable. Meet the Jesus I know who takes us just as we are.